Lauren Walker, creator and founder of Energy Medicine Yoga, is wholeheartedly committed to sharing our capacity to move past our traumas and into a life of unlimited potential and joy.

This 7-day Summit is comprised of enlightening interviews with some of the greatest teachers, visionaries and artists of our time who graciously and generously share their insight and wisdom in answer to Lauren’s deep inquiries.

Some of these interviews were shared in our very first Summit in 2020, and are so masterful and applicable to current times, that they merit an encore showing.

Additional interviews were recorded just recently and are equally inspiring and illuminating.  Every dialogue with these sought-after teachers, scientists and practitioners are relevant, applicable, brilliant, powerful, and expressive of what it means to be alive today and how we can heal and move forward in life with the unlimited potential for joy and passion.

100% of sales for the 2022 EMYoga Summit will be equally divided between these three charity partners:

REGENiTECH Fund Corp - Created by REGENiTECH LLC because they understand the urgency of our collapsing ecosystem, and believe our “future is regeneration!”  The restoration of our agricultural soils remains one of the best tools we have for fixing our climate, as well as our broken food and healthcare systems.  Therefore, this nonprofit helps teach and support the conversion of small farms to regenerative farming practices using organic inputs and technologies from a variety of sources.


Nate Chute Foundation (NCF) - This nonprofit is dedicated to preventing suicide among young people in Western Montana, the location of our home office for EMYoga.  NCF offers evidence-based training and education to area schools and organizations to help identify suicidal behavior and build resiliency.  In addition, they provide financial assistance for professional counseling to those at risk.  Founded in 1999, in remembrance of 18 year-old Nate Chute, this organization has been expanding to meet the needs of the community ever since.


The Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation (TCEF) - The Tibetan culture, premised on compassion, non violence and altruism, is vital and precious; not only to the Tibetans, but to the bigger global community. This culture is now endangered.  TCEF was chartered by a group of Montanans dedicated to the preservation of the culture by raising awareness, and also through education and assistance to Tibetans, empowering them to manifest their goals.

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